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Monthly Manager Development: Bridging Difference with Courageous Conversations

*This event is tailored for Managers of Bentley staff employees and registration is specifically for this population*  


What's a Courageous Conversation? A practice to engage in uncomfortable feedback across difference of all kinds that helps build bridges across such difference. The dialogue that takes place is reciprocal, honest, open, and compassionate, with both parties participating in order to learn about the other’s viewpoint. Such conversations are often related to race, gender, or power.

This workshop helps participants develop a critical communication competency that can serve them as individuals and help the organizations where they work become more inclusive. The session also provides participants with a foundational understanding of the success factors related to courageous conversations. Attendees first learn what courageous conversations are and how such dialogue can create a path to mutual understanding. Together, they then explore key factors influencing the success of courageous conversations, namely power dynamics, conflict styles, and culture. The facilitators model conversations and provide a conversation framework. Next, they share real workplace scenarios, and participants practice courageous conversations in real time, receiving feedback from one another and the facilitators. This is a powerful, practical, and highly interactive workshop for professionals at all levels. Attendees leave the session with the skills and confidence to engage in courageous conversations.



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Tuesday, January 26 at 9:00am to 11:00am

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Human Resources, Learning & Development

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